uhhuh i naively believed that my ship wouldnt sink
Yeah, we'll be doing what we do
Just pretending that we're cool and we know it too

chloe | 18 | fl | she/her

yeah i mainly talk on twitter now

im actually nanase haruka

i cant play nnk while listening to 1d til 2 am anymore :(

its cool tho bc now i just play fea

Decided I was going to work on stuff for the booth.  Became ticked at my sister (all’s good now) so I decided I was going to remake my Sburb pendant. And then I wanted to add blood to it, so  I did.  So that’s the final result.

Also, it’s 1”X1” give or take.

The third picture is how it looks on the back, the second one just shows what it said before.

Based off of:x

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